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In the layout (above) all printable copy should fall into the "Live Image" area. This is your "Image Size". The next (solid) line is the "Trim Size" this is the actual finished product size
where the knife "chops" the book or magazine. There should be 3/8 " (.375) distance between the live area and the trim.Next is the "Extended Bleed" area. This is the allocated space beyond the knife to allow for a continious image to "run off" the page. This is referred to as the bleed of the publication and should extend 1/4" (.25) beyond the trim. To the outsides of the dimensions are the "Crop Marks". Not necessary if a printed copy is supplied indicating the trim. Should you use the crops please offset them at least 1/8 " (.125) from the bleed assuring they will not print. (Color bars and other outside print information should not be included in finished files.)When submitting files pages should be properly set for the exact specifications of your publication.
Check with your sales rep. as to the finished product size and use this guideline accordingly.